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Dezine Tip – The Key to Successful Interior Design

In my opinion the key to successful interior design is a good client brief. This is where you define the parameters of the design project so that you know what your desired end outcome will be. It is a long process, but if done correctly saves time in the long run by ensuring that you know in what direction your design is going.


Dezine Tip – Asian Decorating

Asia decorating is a very broad brush way of describing a style. As you know Asia is is a vast region rich with different cultures and traditions. We seem to have stereotyped an Asia style for interiors.
Asian decorating is becoming more popular in the western world, we love it’s simplicity and it’s subtle use of local materials like bamboo and silk. The silk fabrics are rich and opulent and tell a story on their own, the highly glossy lacquered furniture appears
sleek with simple lines and is always functional.

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