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Kitchen Dezine Tip – Characteristics of Country Styled Kitchens

Here are a few characteristics of country kitchen style, with more available on the kitchen website.
Timber or wood is a major feature in the cabinetry and or the flooring as well as the furniture.

Timber or wooden counter tops are also popular or for lesser budget kitchens a simple mobile timber island or cutting block is used.

The finish to the wood for the cabinetry and furniture is simple and often a white wash or distressed look is used over the wood to create a weathered or aged feel.

Most country styled kitchens have room for a casual informal kitchen table and chairs, the heart of any home.

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Interior Dezine Tip – How to Hang Pictures Like a Professional

The finishing touches of interiors are always the hardest, and we often never get around to them. Artwork is a wonderful way to complete an interior. It can change the mood, theme or shape of a space instantly- whether it’s an original worth thousands or a painting your dog did when you weren’t looking and you think it has artist merit!

But art is nothing if it’s stacked in a pile in the garage waiting to be hung and your interior is waiting to be completed. I think that “hang the wedding photos” or something similar is on everyone’s list to do somewhere.

First Tip
In general, large vertical pictures create a sense of height, and large horizontal pictures create the appearance of greater width, so whether you have a picture looking for a space or a space looking for a picture, keep this rule in mind when choosing either!

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