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Dezine Tip – Back to Basics With Cleaning Products

Save money on cleaning products.

Baking soda and water mixed in a spray bottle makes a great all purpose cleaner around the kitchen and bathroom, no need for expensive chemical alternatives. Give it a go, you will be surprised.

For tips on how to rid yourself of household pests in an environmentally friendly way


Design Tip – Joinery or Cabinetry Design

Design Tip of the Day – Joinery or Cabinetry Design

When designing joinery or cabinetry such as a side board, bookcase, chest of drawers or a kitchen bench, always allow space for the toes to slip under the joinery unit, or piece of cabinetry when standing against it. It means you can get closer and protects the furniture from unnecessary toes banging in to it, causing wear and tear.
Think about how high you can reach for the kitchen cabinets, and how deep you can reach in. No point in making things to high or too deep as they will become wasted space as they are not easily accessible and often look out of proportion within the “human” space.

Learn more about anthropometrics and how it can be a great guide for quality and practical joinery design

Written by Lee Brown