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Dezine Tip of the Day – Selecting Tiles

A Few Things to Think About When Selecting Tiles

If you want to use tiles in your home decorating you must do some homework, don’t choose on good looks alone. Work from an architect, or interior designer’s specifications, or use the tile store for guidance. Make sure you tell them where the tiles are to be laid, especially if they are at an entranceway, stairs, bathrooms, or outdoor patios. You will need to make sure that they are slip resistant for entrance ways and bathrooms and frost proof, or capable of extreme temperature changes for patios, and depending on your local authority building codes you may need to have a contrasting stair nosing for stairs.

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Dezine Tip of the Day – How to Disguise an Ugly Fixture

How to Disguise an Ugly Feature

A simple idea to keep in your design tool box is if you want to disguise an ugly fixture or feature in a room then paint it the same color as the walls it is on and it will no longer stand out. It seems too easy and often the best ideas are! Your eye will no longer be distracted by the ugly fixture of feature, you may still see it but it won’t be offensive.

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