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Learn about Curtain and Drapery Design

Dezine Tip of the Day – Learn about curtains

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Curtains can be elaborate or simple and can make or break an interior. The trick to being successful at curtain design is being able to know what type of curtains to choose for each different window situation. There are so many choices that you have to make, from the style or design of curtain, to the fabric selection, how they will be hung, if the require hold backs, their length, the fullness, if they need lining and much more. You can learn all about all these things and be confident in curtain design at a go, improve your curtain design skills today.


Dezine Tip of the Day – Warm and Cool Colors

Dezine Tip of the Day

One of the first things to remember when selecting colors is that cool colors recede and warm colors advance and that dark colors look heavy and enclosing, light colors make the room look larger and lighter, this will get you a simple way to rule out colors and concentrate on the colors that will work in the space.

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