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Hiring an Interior Designer Tips

What questions should you ask before hiring an interior designer?

Loads and loads!

This information is great if you are thinking of hiring an interior designer, or if you are an interior designer and want to make sure you will have the answers to these potential questions. You need to read this article – Questions to Ask a Designer Before You Hire Them it means you will be able to make sure you know where you stand with a designer, ensure you know what skills they have or don’t, how much they charge, their qualifications, how they operate and what to expect as far as service from them. It is a must read.

Written by Lee Brown


Children’s Decorating Ideas

Children’s Interior Decorating Ideas

children's bedroom decorating ideas

Children love to decorate, my children fight over the empty toilet rolls as they want to decorate them! It is great to get them involved and take a lead from their creativity. They know exactly what they want and will have ideas on how to do it. You just need to be there to guide, clean up the mess and pay for anything that can’t be handmade! The great thing about making things to decorate is that it is cost effective and you can change things as often as you want. Children grow so quickly and their taste changes over night. Unlike some areas of decoration. I remember my daughter had Pooh Bear curtains and never thought anything of them at 6 years old until her friends came around and laughed at them. They were just curtains to her before then, she hated them after that. Too babyish. Luckily we moved house. She now has stripes, much safer idea for children’s decorating.
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