Choosing products

Choosing Products
Question: I need help! My husband and are building a cute little stone home with log elements and a red metal roof. For the kitchen – which will have log rafters – I’m trying to decide what materials to mix. Here’s what we’ve been debating: We have a retro Red (bright red) refrigerator; bright colored dishes (Fiesta ware in primary colors) that will be displayed; and we’re thinking about hickory cabinets – accessorized with custom ceramic hardware painted in the colors matching the fiesta ware. We’re also considering a flagstone floor for the kitchen. As for lighting, we’re thinking about wrought iron. My question is, how do you know what materials mix together well? Does ceramic hardware look OK with stone and log? Also, what sort of countertop and backsplash should we be considering? My thought process was to keep the floor, countertop and backsplash somewhat neutral (sticking to grays and beiges probably) since the refrigerator, hardware and dishes are so colorful. Also, the grays and beiges would mimic the stone on the outside of the house. But I have no idea if I’m on the right track here or not. Help! Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated!
From: Georgina

Answer: It sounds like you are on the right track and your instincts are doing a good job! If you are ever in doubt keep everything neutral and gradually add color as you get more confident. You have a good combination of textures with the stone exterior, logs, flagstones, and wrought iron. I think that the feature pieces you have will provide enough impact for now. You can always add more color or texture later. I think it sounds like a fantastic project – keep up the good work. I hope I have been of some use. Thanks for visiting our website.
Written by Lee Brown