Art Deco House Renovation

Art Deco House Renovation

We were very excite to purchase a lovely big Art Deco home close to our children’s school last year, but it did need a little work….. We could see the potential. It is situated close to the local university and was used as a student flat, it had 9 bedrooms!

We have moved in and set about fixing it up. Here are a few photos of things we have done so far.

This is the house from the street.


The house now with a new fence, hedges removed.

A curved leadlight detail, in the process of being painted.

Back of house before renovations.

Removed flax bushes and put down chipped limestone. New fence.


Pre loved french doors replace the hole in the wall were the chimney was before the earthquakes.
The butynol (Rubber membrane) flat roof had failed due to age and lack of maintenance, we have re-framed the entire roof and finished it in a fiberglass product. It looks like the bottom of a pool now! No more Niagara falls in the living room when it rains, says my daughter.


We have also removed the cladding from the walls, it was a poorly built extension to the house, once we removed the cladding we also had to re-frame the walls, and we replaced the old windows that had begun to rot due to lack of flashings and put in some lovely preloved windows – exactly the same size! This was the find of the century for us! And the cost was reasonable. We will retrospectively double glaze them when we do the rest of the house (it gets cold in the winter in Christchurch).

There is a lot more to do so we will update as we go.