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Definition of Toughened Glass – Dezine Tip of the Day

What is toughened glass and how is it used in interior design?

Toughened Glass, or Tempered Glass is made by heating and suddenly cooling the glass. It tempers the glass giving a more flexible and impact resistant glass. It is used for doors, balustrades etc. It allows us as interior designers to use glass where once we would have had to use a solid wall. We can now have full height internal glass walls in an interior, we can have an interrupted view by using it as a balustrade, this also has the advantage of stopping wind.

Glass balustrade

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Dezine Tips – What we need to know about stairs as a designer.

Stairs are an item that we take for granted, we complain about having to walk up and down them, and don’t even blink to think about the time and effort that a designer has put into making them comfortable for us to climb as well as look at!

Interior designers can really make an aesthetic statement with stairs. The ergonomic design and finish of the stair are permanent features of a home or building, unlike paint and paper, that can be changed in an instant.

So, as an interior designer it is vital that you have a sound knowledge of stair design and the components of a stair, so that you can ensure a safe and comfortable passage as well as make it look spectacular!

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