Decorating Questions

Americana Babys Nursery

I had a question from Mary Harrington about decorating her Grandbaby’s nursery in an Americana theme.

Hi Lee, I’m decorating my Grandbaby’s nursery in Americana theme. The walls are a cream color on top, divided by a white chair rail (to match the baseboards) and a wallpaper border of American stars. I also plan to stamp navy, red or both stars above the window and closet doors. I made a navy blue with cream stars crib dust ruffle and curtain valance. On the bottom of the chair rail I have dragged a navy blue color. I would like advice on what to put on the walls, pictures, shelves etc? The room is about 12′ x 9′ the two short walls have windows on one side and closet doors on the other. Help? From Mary

My reply was:

It sounds like you are having a lovely tome Mary! It often gets difficult when you have put so much time and effort into a job and spent a great deal of time in the space that completing it with the finishing touches can be elusive.

What about getting some simple canvases from a painting supplier or your local art supplier. The ones that are stretched over rails (or use MDF Board and paint it white first). Then paint red and white stripes on them, do three and have them going one vertical two horizontal for example. You could always use the fabric that you have made the valance and crib dust ruffle and select another colorway, perhaps red and cream and stretch that over a simple timber frame and staple the fabric at the back of the frame, then attach a string to hang it from. This adds texture ad helps with the noise absorption when the baby arrives!

Shelves are a necessity as everyone buys you little nick knacks for the baby and they are quite dangerous for them until they get older. Being able to view them and be out of reach is ideal. I think that the red (as you haven’t used a lot of that so far) would add another dimension. have you thought about this fantastic idea, simple balsa wood stars (or stuffed fabric stars) hanging from the ceiling, lets face it babies spend most of their early time looking at the ceiling! I hope this has given you some more inspiration, it sounds like a fabulous project, keep up the good work.
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How to Decorate a Room with Saris for a Party

I was asked this question by Vinu Sarin of India. Here is my response.

That is a great question Vinu, how do you decorate a room with saris? This is something I have never done before. I suggest that you get some curtain wire (this is usually used for installing net curtains) and string it across door ways and windows depending on the layout of the room, then you can drape the saris over it. You could know them all together and drape them around the walls. Depending on the weight of them you could use pins ( the type you use for hand sewing) and pin them to the walls, (the pins only leave a tiny hole when removed). There is always the simple option of draping them over the coffee table, on the floor under the coffee table. Drape them over the couches/chairs and throw a whole lot of cushions on the floor and tie them up in a couple of saris. That is the best ideas I have at the moment. I hope this helps. Saris come in so many beautiful colors that I think you cannot help but make a spectacular display from using them to decorate a room for a party. What very creative thinking Vinu. I hope it works for you.